2024 International Day of Democracy Conference


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Media and Democracy: collecting tools and options for actions

Strengthening democracy through media engagement

A democratic society relies on media that is both free and independent. It ensures that diverse perspectives are heard and encourages political participation among citizens.

However, in today’s world, where misinformation can easily manipulate public opinion and erode trust in democratic processes, understanding the media’s role becomes crucial. Beyond just providing information, the media shapes narratives, influences public discourse, and holds those in power accountable. The emergence of social media, algorithms, and artificial intelligence adds complexity to this dynamic, offering both opportunities and challenges. The latest annual World Press Freedom Index (Reporters Without Borders) confirms the ongoing trend of a global decline in press freedom: violence and threats against journalists are on the rise, as are actions that undermine the role of journalists or instrumentalise the media through campaigns of harassment or disinformation. Especially in the super-election year of 2024, democratic governments are more and more challenged to protect journalists, as press freedom is a crucial precondition for forming an independent opinion and informed election decision.

Building on the success of last year's International Day of Democracy Conference, the Polit-Forum Bern and the Swiss Democracy Foundation SDF are organising the second edition on 11 September 2024 with a renewed focus on strengthening democracy. The event will gather leading experts and practitioners from various countries and backgrounds to discuss the media’s role in promoting democracy and share best practices.

The discussions will revolve around four key areas:

  • Public service media: Exploring tools and successful examples of public service media to promote democracy.
  • Social media: Examining effective strategies of using social media in supporting democratisation.
  • Media literacy: Defining meaningful media literacy and exploring comprehensive approaches.
  • Voting and elections: Analysing the media’s influence on elections and voting, drawing lessons from the 2024 super-election year.

The morning session will provide an overview of these four strands, while the afternoon sessions will delve into concrete examples and discussions to gather best practices together with all participants.


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Will be announced in summer 2024!